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Oregon. Region IX. AACTFest.

OCTA Fest 2025

OCTA hosts a One Act play Festival every other year at the Oregon level. The winning one act play entry advances to the AACT Region IX level. The winning entry then participates at the National level at the Annual AACT Conference. 

If you have a one act play your theatre company in Region 9 would like to present, contact Carolyn McCloskey at OCTA.

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AACT Region IX 

Region 9 of AACT includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

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Oregon Community Theatre Alliance supports the AACT Fest by supporting the financial needs of the National One Act Fest with travel costs, entry fees, production costs, and adjudicator fees.  


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Supporting Oregon Community Theatre Alliance allows our organization to reach a wider audience of theatres and improve resources. Any and all donations are always appreciated. 

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